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How to Find a Detox Center Near You

Mar 23

How do I find a detox center near me?

This is probably the most common question that people ask themselves when they are looking for help in overcoming an addiction, whether it's drugs and/or alcohol or some other substance used on a daily basis. 

 The good news is there are many resources available today which can be helpful if you want to get clean and sober but don't know where to start. The bad news is not all programs are created equal so before signing up for any program make sure you do your research and consult experts. In this article we will provide tips on how to locate detox centers near you by using both online sources and phone directories.

First off let us define what Detox means.

What is Detox?

It simply means removing toxins from body through various methods such as medication, physical therapy, psychological techniques and nutritional approaches. There are several different types of detoxes depending upon the type of toxin being removed. For example medically induced detox (which includes methadone maintenance) involves use of certain medications to assist in withdrawal symptoms while psychological detox uses counseling to help individuals overcome cravings and fears associated with quitting substances altogether.   Nowadays many detox programs offer combined treatment options including detox + rehab, detox + acupuncture etc. If you're interested in learning more about these treatments please click here. Below I have listed few well known treatment providers across America. Please note that these facilities may require travel due to location.

Drug & Alcohol Detox & Addiction Treatment

Detoxification Centers - These are residential-type treatment centers located in major cities throughout the country. They typically offer short term stays lasting 7 days or less. Patients reside within the facility during the entire stay and participate in individual and group therapies, meals, education sessions, recreational activities and health monitoring. A typical cost per day at one of these facilities ranges between $3,000-$5,000 dollars. You should contact each facility directly to determine its availability in your area. Some examples include 1 Solution Detox in West Palm Beach, Brighton Hospital Detox in Michigan, and Hoag Hospital Detox in California.


 Inpatient Rehabilitation Centers - These facilities specialize in long-term care and rehabilitation following acute illness, injury or surgery. Typically patients spend 3 to 6 months living under 24 hour supervision. During this time patients receive personalized attention from staff members specifically trained to deal with addictive behaviors and conditions. Typical costs range anywhere from $12,500-$25,000 per month, however most health insurance policies will cover a large percentage of the cost. Be aware that rates vary widely based on factors like patient age and insurance coverage. Contact each provider individually to learn more details regarding specific services offered. Examples of inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs include Hazelden Betty Ford, American Addiction Centers, All In Solutions Counseling Center, and 1 Solution Detox.    

 Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centers - These centers operate primarily out of private outpatient clinics offering a variety of behavioral healthcare services ranging from detox to intensive Outpatient Maintenance Treatments. Most often referred to as "Substance Abuse Treatment" centers, OATC's target problem drinkers that meet criteria for harmful drinking patterns. Many also treat prescription pill addicts, heroin abusers, cocaine users etc. Program length varies greatly among providers however most go beyond 30 weeks. Costs depend largely on number of visits required and average weight of those visiting. Example include Calvary Christian Care, Family Guidance Council, McLean Hospital, National Institute of Alcoholism and Related Disorders etc.           

 Acupuncture / Naturopathic Treatment Centers - Acupuncture has been practiced successfully in China for thousands of years and has recently gained popularity in Western countries as a noninvasive alternative medicine approach to treating addictions. Like traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncturists diagnose imbalances in energy flow throughout the body called Qi. Imbalance is believed to trigger pain and disease processes resulting in physical ailments and emotional problems. By balancing the energy pathways via needle stimulation, acupuncturist aims to restore harmony in mind and body thus promoting overall wellness. Although still in early stages of development, studies suggest that acupuncture might promote abstinence from nicotine by reducing craving. Another study showed significant reduction in anxiety levels after 4 consecutive weekly acupuncture treatments. One thing worth mentioning though is that even though promising results were obtained, much remains unknown about the underlying mechanisms responsible for changes observed. As such, caution should always be exercised when considering acupuncture treatment in conjunction with other forms of self-help efforts such as 12 step groups, psychotherapy etc.


Getting Help for Substance Use Disorders

Now that we've gone over some popular names in detox centers around United States...let us move onto important questions such as 'how to choose best detox'....well unfortunately there isn't just one answer to this question. However, below are few guidelines that could potentially give you better understanding. First of all, understand that no matter what method of detox you decide to undergo, detox alone won't work unless accompanied by proper Aftercare Education. Secondly, consider asking yourself these simple yet crucial questions prior to seeking assistance: Is my goal sufficiently motivating? Do i feel comfortable talking to others? Am i ready to take responsibility for myself? Are my family and friends supportive? Can i afford it? Will i be able to cope with stressors related to life outside of detox? Does anyone else support my decision? Lastly, try to avoid making premature decisions regarding detox. Instead focus on first completing necessary steps towards sobriety. Once you begin to see positive signs in terms of increased mood, improved relationships, reduced consumption then it would become easier to make informed decision regarding next phase of your journey.

For individuals seeking treatment in Florida, 1 Solution Detox offers inpatient treatment and detox in West Palm Beach. The program is highly rated by past clients on review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook. The facility accepts most health insurance plans and utilizes individualized programs to meet each clients unique needs. You can learn more about how to find a detox near me by visiting their website or calling the admissions department. 

1 Solution Detox

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