Usually, Ciraldo recommends a routine of as soon as every week, working your approach as much as two or maybe three classes. It’s much like how often you should exfoliate your face: Begin weekly, then add in additional should you can tolerate it. 

Though, “You undoubtedly do not should be exfoliating lips each day, as it might doubtlessly dry out your lips,” Ciraldo provides, which—lo and behold—can result in much more flakes and irritation. Once more, the pores and skin round your lips is way thinner—and subsequently, extra delicate—than the opposite areas of your face (save for the attention space), so that you undoubtedly don’t wish to overdo it. “Over-exfoliating your lips can result in redness, swelling, sensitivity, or bleeding,” says Ciraldo. Um, ouch.

You must also take a peek at your skin care routine (actually!) to ensure you’re not unintentionally over-exfoliating the lip areas—it’s straightforward for many merchandise to switch onto your lips, particularly cleansers. So on the times you do exfoliate your pout, ensure you persist with a hydrating, light cleanser (Ciraldo is keen on this one with glycerin and chamomile) and attempt to keep away from the world when massaging in your actives.