Everybody’s lips are distinctive: Every set of lips has a sample of grooves and wrinkles that’s totally your personal—in addition to lip styles and sizes. Everybody’s specific form is gorgeous in its personal approach, and there’s nobody kind that’s extra fascinating than one other—it’s merely what makes you you. And whereas there are a couple of frequent traits consultants have recognized through the years (9, to be precise), individuals typically have a mix of two or three shapes; you’ll be able to, for instance, have a set of full, spherical lips or a skinny, heart-shaped pout. (In the identical approach that individuals typically have a number of curl patterns—not only one.) We emphasize: Everybody’s lips are distinctive!

So earlier than scouring this lip shapes information, consider it’s much less about altering your distinct kind and extra about figuring out which form you have. From there, you’ll be able to study frequent make-up artist’s tricks to intensify every form with merchandise (or in case you’re in search of basic lip care ideas, meander on over here).

Sufficient chat—discover 9 of the frequent lip shapes beneath.