OK, not all canned beans are floating in lard, but it surely’s an extremely straightforward factor to miss. Particularly for these beloved refried beans (sob), as these are usually cooked with onion and garlic, then cooked once more in pork lard—therefore, refried

Even for those who don’t attain for refried beans, Shanahan says many ready beans (learn: canned) may additionally comprise animal lard. “Consider it as filler,” Shanahan notes. “It is practically free, and it acts as a preservative and helps fill you up.” 

The answer? Shanahan recommends in search of cans with “fat-free” on the label. Whereas it’s nonetheless a bit difficult to navigate (it’s a reasonably unfastened time period, so hint quantities of fats might nonetheless make its method into the can), it might be far more healthy than the previous. It’s also possible to seek for “vegetarian” refried beans, which guarantees zero animal lard within the course of. Though, they may use butter as a substitute, so for those who’re really vegan, you may wish to take a more in-depth take a look at these cans as nicely—maybe attain for choices that use solely olive or avocado oil to realize a wealthy, fatty taste.