As we come up on the tail end of what I affectionately call “roast veggies season” and start to tip into “grilled veggie season” (if you’re among the lucky ones with a space to grill at home), I’m on the lookout for recipes that give me that tasty cozy vibe to for the rainier spring days—and this salad hits the spot.

From The Healthy Swaps Cookbook by Danielle Davis, this is one of those recipes you’re likely going to come back to after the first time you make it. Davis writes: “Delicious roasted and colorful parsnips, beets and butternut squash are served with whole grain farro, creamy and tangy goat cheese, crunchy and salty almonds, sweet and earthy dried figs and peppery arugula that are all dressed with a tangy, rich maple balsamic dressing.”

But separate from how perfectly balanced all the flavors are in this salad, it’s also a great source of nutrients. “Farro is a balanced, nutritious whole grain that is a healthy carb,” writes Davis, “and great to incorporate into your diet because it’s high in fiber, easy on digestion and rich in other nutrients like protein, fat, magnesium, vitamins and zinc.” The dish also boasts beets, which are seriously packed with phytonutrients, along with parsnips, which are loaded with potassium. Finish it with that tangy homemade dressing and you’ve got the perfect dish for an “it still feels like winter” spring day.