When you actually love sleeping in your abdomen, Bhopal suggests utilizing a flat pillow (or no pillow in any respect) to cut back that strain in your again. However ideally, you would possibly wish to strive aspect or again sleeping.

Sleeping in your again is taken into account the very best for spinal alignment, although it might trigger issues for individuals who snore, have sleep apnea, and even acid reflux disease. If these aren’t points for you, simply be sure to have a pillow that helps your head and neck.

For aspect sleeping, Bhopal and Darley each recommend strategic pillow placement. You possibly can put one pillow behind you and one other between your knees to help your hips, Bhopal says, or per Darley’s suggestion, a physique pillow alongside your abdomen can maintain you from totally rolling onto it. 

And if all else fails and you are still waking up in your abdomen, Hardick says it is essential to offset abdomen sleeping with at-home workout routines to assist out your neck and again, and even think about seeing a chiropractor if essential.