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The Basics of Orthodontist in Lowell, Massachusetts

Oct 25

The orthodontist in Lowell, Massachusetts, is a dental practitioner specializing in diagnosing and treating teeth, jaws, and facial bones. Orthodontists are trained at specialized schools or universities to provide these services in Lowell. They can be found practicing in many settings, including private practices, academic institutions, government facilities, hospitals, and other health care organizations.

What is an orthodontist in Lowell, Massachusetts, and what do they do?

Orthodontist Lowell is dental professionals who primarily help move teeth or jaws into better positions to correct or prevent many oral health problems. Some of the services an orthodontist in Lowell, Massachusetts, offers are corrective appliances, dentofacial deformities treatment, and orthopedic jaw problems. In addition, an orthodontist in Lowell, will help straighten the teeth, realign the jaw and improve your smile.

Orthodontics in Lowell, Massachusetts treatment options

Orthodontics Lowell treatments can be provided using various methods, including without any anesthesia for adults and children over age 10. However, some procedures may require oral surgery under general anesthesia. The following are some of the most common orthodontic treatments used for children, teens, and adults.

  • Fixed appliances that are attached to teeth or bone, including braces, wires, and metal brackets
  • Removable clear aligners
  • Self-ligating appliances have fewer parts than traditional braces, so there is minor irritation of the gums during treatment.
  • Clear removable aligner trays use a series of impressions over time instead of wearing fixed appliances in your mouth 24/365.

The importance of a good dentist for orthodontic treatments cannot be emphasized enough.

When people think of orthodontic treatments, they usually associate them with children or teenagers. Most adults do not give much thought to their oral health even though there are other important reasons for getting regular dental care even after childhood. The importance of a good dentist for orthodontic treatments cannot be emphasized enough. Orthodontics Lowell is an area where one needs to have absolute faith in the professional's capabilities and skills, affecting your teeth and overall appearance.

How to find the best Orthodontist in Lowell, MA

If you're looking for orthodontists in Lowell, MA, it can be hard to know the best option out of the many available. Finding an orthodontist who is qualified and experienced can be done by getting patient reviews online or asking friends and family for their feedback. Use these resources to find a great orthodontist in Lowell, MA, so that you can get braces today.

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