Blemish, blackhead, boil, cyst – as unsavoury because it sounds, figuring out precisely what sorts of spots you undergo with can usually assist decide the easiest way to do away with them.

It’s usually agreed that there are 6 totally different levels of spots.

You could expertise one, a number of or all of those at anybody time in the event you undergo from pimples.


Small, white raised bumps that type when sebum and lifeless pores and skin cells fully clog pores, and a skinny layer of pores and skin sits throughout the highest.


Small, black spots which may be raised or stage with the pores and skin’s floor. On this case sebum and lifeless pores and skin cells partially clog pores, which stay open on the floor permitting the combination to oxidise and darken.


Small, reddish raised bumps which are sore to the contact however haven’t any “head”. Papules type when the partitions of the follicle break down, permitting white blood cells to enter and assault micro organism, resulting in irritation.


Traditional “spots”, pustules are small, reddish raised bumps full of white or yellow pus. Papules usually flip into Pustules after a number of days or if squeezed.


Extra extreme, painful and probably long-lasting than any of the spots I’ve talked about thus far, Nodules are giant, laborious lumps that type beneath the pores and skin’s floor. They happen when the follicle partitions break and collapse fully, inflicting critical irritation. The pores and skin above the lump could redden barely.


Much like Nodules, Cysts are giant lumps underneath the floor of the pores and skin that turn out to be so infected they fill with white or yellow pus. Cysts can usually trigger scarring on the floor of the pores and skin if squeezed or put underneath strain.

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