“Previous mascara can undoubtedly provide you with an an infection—the moistness and tube is a breeding floor for germs,” board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, M.D., previously shared with mbg. (Particularly given the truth that you dip the wand out and in, growing the prospect of contamination.) That micro organism can contribute to dermatitis, which is especially prevalent across the eyes because the pores and skin is thinner. As a common rule of thumb, many consultants suggest tossing your mascara each two months, simply to be secure.

Whilst you might hear of outdated tips and tricks to prolong the shelf life of your trusty tube (instance: Add eye drops to your mascara to re-moisten the method), these hacks are a significant no. “If a product is outdated and crusty and also you add one thing to it, the quantity of micro organism you can be creating is scary,” says superstar esthetician Joanna Vargas about how to make beauty products last longer. If it’s dried up, there’s a purpose, and reviving it will possibly do far more hurt than good.