Squirting occurs because of sexual stimulation. Girls have reported squirting due to vaginal stimulation (usually across the so-called G-spot space), clitoral stimulation, and even anal stimulation, Vrangalova says. Most individuals who squirt report that squirting makes sex better, however some ladies report emotions of shame or humiliation around their squirting experiences.

It isn’t clear if squirting has any organic perform apart from producing pleasure, however Queen says ladies seemingly ejaculate for a similar cause males do.

“We develop in utero, whatever the intercourse/gender we’ll be assigned at start, from the very same type of early gestation physique. This physique is influenced by hormones (in addition to underlying genetics), however earlier than the hormones hit and differentiate clitorises and penises, labia and scrotum, and all the remaining, we begin out undifferentiated,” she explains. “The tissue that contains us at that stage would not go away—however it could get repurposed.”

So identical to the clitoris and the penis are literally the identical physique half that will get organized in two alternative ways, ladies even have their very own homologue to the male prostate. The Skene’s glands, or the “feminine prostate,” are positioned across the urethra and sure secrete an ejaculatory fluid in response to sexual stimulation, the identical means males’s prostates (additionally positioned across the urethra) produce fluid to assist ejaculate semen.

In different phrases, “male” and “feminine” ejaculation could also be comparable sexual responses—type of like how folks with penises nonetheless have nipples they developed in utero, though these nipples do not find yourself being reproductively related.

Some docs do theorize that squirting is a type of stress incontinence, aka a response to extreme strain on the bladder, although Queen notes, “If it was actually a medical drawback, they might additionally emit liquid when laughing, leaping, coughing, and many others.” One research discovered ladies who ejaculate throughout orgasm are inclined to have stronger pelvic floor muscles than non-ejaculators.