Having a safe relationship with caregivers in early childhood is what creates a secure attachment style, whereby an individual is ready to depend on others, permit others to depend on them, and usually type wholesome relationships. However divorce in and of itself doesn’t create an insecure attachment style.

“Attachment type is said to what the kid skilled earlier than, throughout, and after the divorce,” therapist Chamin Ajjan, M.S., LCSW, A-CBT, tells mbg.

Meaning the consequences of a divorce on a baby’s attachment type is determined by amicable or fraught with rigidity. If mother and father brazenly talk with the kid all through the divorce course of, present reassurance, stability, and are type towards each other, Ajjan says the kid will in all probability develop up with a safe attachment type. In reality, they could even really feel more healthy as soon as their mother and father are separated and a brand new regular is established, she provides. 

On the flip aspect, high-conflict divorce, the place a baby experiences fixed combating, unhealthy mouthing, excessive ranges of stress, and combined messages about their mother and father, can result in a spread of insecure attachment types together with: