Ever had that telltale tingling sensation of butterflies in your abdomen? That’s the gut-brain connection, i.e. the gut-brain axis, at work. There are lots of of hundreds of thousands of neurons within the intestine that talk with the mind each immediately and not directly. It’s a fancy two-way system involving hormones, the immune system, and the nervous system which incorporates the intestines, spinal wire, mind, and the longest nerve within the physique: the vagus. This is the reason the intestine is typically known as your second mind.

Adjustments in your intestine could cause intestinal leakage (extra generally generally known as ‘leaky intestine’), in addition to trigger diarrhea, constipation, irritation, and a drop within the neurotransmitters that help a optimistic temper. All of those components can impression psychological well being within the type of melancholy, mind fog, and also you guessed it: stress. The careworn mind then reacts in ways in which contribute to distressing gastrointestinal signs. It’s a vicious cycle.

However there’s a easy approach to assist handle it.