A toxin is a normal time period for a substance or chemical the physique has no constructive use for. They are often launched to the physique by our personal actions, or imposed on us by our environments.

Damaging forces like UV rays and air pollution are half of the environment and whereas we are able to minimise our publicity to them – they’re extremely troublesome to keep away from all collectively.

The easiest way to beat the consequences that Toxins and Damaging forces have on the pores and skin is to keep away from them as greatest you possibly can, and embrace antioxidants each internally and topically.

Listed here are the highest 5 Toxins and Damaging forces to look out for:


Alcohol is without doubt one of the pores and skin’s worst enemies. It dehydrates the physique and causes blood vessels to broaden, leaving pores and skin dry, scorching and itchy. Alcohol additionally stimulates the sebaceous glands, and suppresses the liver’s detoxing processes, fuelling zits and blemishes.

Solar Harm

Solar injury accounts for 90% of untimely pores and skin ageing. UVB rays penetrate the outermost layer of the pores and skin (the dermis) and are liable for age spots. UVA rays penetrate down into the decrease ranges of pores and skin, breaking down important proteins like Collagen that assist hold pores and skin plump and supple.


Smoking starves the pores and skin cells of oxygen, changing their wholesome glow with a uninteresting yellowish tinge. Smoking additionally ages the pores and skin by utilizing up our treasured Vitamin C provides. Our our bodies want Vitamin C to supply Collagen; with out it pores and skin is nowhere close to as plump, agency and supple because it may very well be.


Extra sugar within the bloodstream attaches itself to protein cells, stopping them from repairing and regenerating as they need to. The proteins liable for a plump complexion – Collagen and Elastin, are most liable to this course of, which causes them to turn out to be weak and brittle and pores and skin to turn out to be rather more liable to nice traces and wrinkles.

Air pollution

The impact of air pollution on the pores and skin is named environmental oxidative stress. It’s because damaging free radicals in cigarette smoke, automobile fumes and smog kick begin an oxidation course of within the pores and skin that breaks down Collagen and the fibres that hold pores and skin elastic – contributing to untimely ageing.