By Choya Randolph

Have you ever ever heard of dry shampoo? In the event you’re a lazy pure like me, it sounds good. All you do is spray your hair with a dry shampoo, wait 30 seconds, therapeutic massage it in along with your fingers, then BOOM, now your scalp is clear. My white buddies use it on a regular basis once they don’t really feel like washing their hair. I simply assumed it was one thing not meant for my hair texture however instances have gotten exhausting and I’ve gotten lazy. So I believed “Lemme see if I could make this work for me as a result of I too don’t really feel like washing my hair.”

After a bit little bit of analysis, I’ve realized that if in case you have kind 3 or kind 4 hair, dry shampoo isn’t for you. It might not even work properly for my women with wavy hair. Dry shampoo makes use of starch-based components and alcohol to take away oils from the hair and make it look cleaner. It doesn’t even actually clear the scalp. I ought to’ve recognized, it’s known as DRY shampoo and nothing with the phrase “dry” in it must be put in my kinky hair.

There are numerous variations between straight hair and kinky hair. In fact there’s the visible variations however straight hair will get oily sooner than curly hair. That’s why my women with straight hair wash their hair nearly on a regular basis. If us coily women did that, our hair will likely be drier than a few of yall’s elbows. Our pure hair oils wrestle to coat our kinky hair which is why quite a lot of what we do as naturals is to maintain our hair hydrated. A dry shampoo simply ain’t it for us.

However I’m a real lazy pure. I’d slightly work exhausting to analysis methods to be lazier with my hair care routine than simply take the L and preserve it transferring. After doing extra analysis, dry shampoo can irritate the scalp and dry out the hair which causes the hair follicles to weaken. This results in breakage and hair thinning. Dry shampoo may make your hair seem like flour is popping out of your roots. At this level, I don’t even know why individuals with oily hair use it. 

So the place does that go away me? Left with a bunch of data on a product that wasn’t even meant for my hair texture? One of the best us lazy naturals can do for the instances we don’t really feel like going by means of a complete wash day is a cowash. Cowashing is if you use a cleaning conditioner to scrub your hair as an alternative of a shampoo. Not solely does this clear the scalp, it situations our hair. It might work for my women with straight hair too, if you happen to make your personal. It’s not as straightforward as merely spraying a dry shampoo however generally we simply can’t be lazy with our hair. So subsequent time you are feeling like skipping wash day, skip over that dry shampoo and seize a cowash.