Whereas the time period “squirting” is commonly used to explain the clear, gushing sort of ejaculate that probably comes from the bladder, the time period “feminine ejaculation” is used to explain a second, separate sort of ejaculate that is thought to originate from Skene glands. (This is our full explainer on what squirt is if you wish to get into the nitty-gritty particulars.)

Generally known as the “female prostate,” Skene glands are positioned within the space across the urethra, referred to as the urethral sponge. The ejaculate from Skene glands is a white, milky fluid that has chemical similarities to semen.

This second sort of ejaculate is launched in a lot smaller portions, Vrangalova notes, as a result of Skene glands are fairly tiny in comparison with the bladder, which might maintain and launch numerous liquid. If this smaller, milkier “feminine ejaculation” occurs with out the gushing fluid from the bladder, it is attainable that some girls could not even discover it.

Skene glands are additionally nonetheless a little bit of a thriller themselves: “There have been a few these anatomical research on cadavers which have dissected that space looking for Skene glands, they usually cannot actually discover them in everybody!” Vrangalova explains. “So it is attainable that perhaps 30 or 40% of vulva homeowners and vagina homeowners do not even have them.”

If not all vagina homeowners have Skene glands, then it is attainable that these with out these glands aren’t capable of expertise this type of ejaculation. To make issues much more difficult, Vrangalova notes that even amongst individuals who do have Skene glands, there are variations within the anatomical construction from individual to individual.