First, a recap on why somebody would possibly need to take a magnesium complement within the first place: Magnesium is a very necessary mineral. When you’re an avid mindbodygreen reader, you’ve got most likely heard us wax poetic about it earlier than: It facilitates a whole bunch of chemical reactions within the physique, serving to to control blood sugar, blood stress, muscle and nerve operate, protein constructing, and extra, registered dietitian and spokesperson for the Academy of Vitamin and Dietetics Amy Kimberlain, RDN, CDCES, explains. “Moreover,” she says, “magnesium performs a significant position in serving to preserve a wholesome coronary heart and wholesome bones.”

After we eat entire meals that include magnesium (vegetation want the mineral to develop, too, so leafy greens are usually excessive in it), about half of it’s saved in bones, and the remainder goes to different physique tissues or is excreted by the kidneys. Along with greens, beans, nuts, seeds, and entire grains are additionally good meals sources of magnesium. Kimberlain explains that if a meals is excessive in dietary fiber, likelihood is it accommodates magnesium, too.

Regardless that a lot of wholesome meals are excessive in magnesium, the National Institutes of Health estimates that just about half of People do not get sufficient of it by means of weight-reduction plan alone. On an episode of the mbg podcast, immunologist Heather Moday, M.D., stated that it is some of the frequent deficiencies she sees, up there with vitamin B and zinc.

That is seemingly due partially to the rise in processed, nutrient-poor meals. However even for individuals who eat a principally unprocessed weight-reduction plan, industrial farming practices are more and more stripping soil—and in flip, crops—of important vitamins like magnesium. Magnesium levels also tend to decline with age, and there are racial and gender disparities in uptake as effectively.

Taking a magnesium complement is a method to ensure your physique has sufficient of the mineral to guard in opposition to situations like coronary heart illness, hypertension, kind 2 diabetes, and different blood sugar diseases, and so on.