After a tour by means of Capricorn, the celestial siren is transferring into Aquarius and becoming a member of a uncommon cosmic cabal of the Solar, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury retrograde, who’re already transiting by means of Aquarius.

Connections that kind—or re-form, because of Mercury—with all this Aquarian power afoot might break each rule within the e-book. Daring Jupiter entices us to experiment whereas Saturn desires clear agreements and a safeword earlier than something will get, uh, lubricated.

This Venus cycle is all about experimentation and renegade Aquarius is all about free love. So sure, issues can take off in all types of surprising instructions. However with Mercury retrograde till February 20, do not simply hit the fuel on these wild plans to, say, discover a third “play companion” if you’ve been staunchly monogamous or experiment with bondage when you do not even know learn how to untie a sq. knot.

Mental chemistry often is the hottest form for the approaching few weeks, so begin excessive, then go low. Aquarius is the signal that guidelines expertise, and Venus’ four-week keep on this signal bodes nicely for digital dating. The “click-through charge” is elevated for us all, so log in and let the right-swiping start.