“Plant-based diets…have been discovered to reduce the danger of heart problems” and a few of our different main causes of dying and incapacity. “Research have proven that the longest residing and least dementia-prone populations subsist on plant-based diets.” So why concentrate on açaí berries, only one plant, for mind well being and efficiency?

Properly, “meals wealthy in polyphenols…enhance mind well being,” and açaí berries include a number of polyphenols and antioxidants, so maybe that’s why they may very well be helpful. Should you’re solely polyphenols, although, there are greater than a dozen meals that contain extra per serving, like black elderberry, common fruits like plums, flaxseeds, darkish chocolate, and even only a cup of espresso.

As you possibly can see at 1:02 in my video The Benefits of Açaí vs. Blueberries for Artery Function, when it comes to antioxidants, açaí berries might have ten instances extra antioxidant content material than extra typical fruits, like peaches and papayas, and 5 instances extra antioxidants than strawberries. However blackberries, for example, seem to have even extra antioxidants than açaí berries and are cheaper and extra extensively accessible.

Açaí berries don’t simply have potential mind advantages, nevertheless. Would possibly additionally they defend the lungs towards hurt induced by cigarette smoke? You could bear in mind the examine the place the addition of açaí berries to cigarettes protected towards emphysema—in smoking mice, that’s. That’s not very useful. There is an extended record of impressive-looking advantages till you dig slightly deeper. For instance, I used to be excited to see a “[r]eduction of coronary illness danger because of the vasodilation impact” of açaí berries, however then I pulled the examine and located they had been talking a few vasodilator impact…within the mesenteric vascular mattress of rats. There hadn’t been any research on açaí berries and artery perform in people till a examine printed in 2016.

Researchers gave obese males both a smoothie containing about two-thirds of a cup of frozen açaí pulp and half a banana or an artificially coloured placebo smoothie containing the banana however no açaí. As you possibly can see at 2:26 in my video, inside two hours of consumption of their smoothie, the açaí group had a big enchancment in artery perform that lasted for no less than six hours, a one or two level bump that’s clinically important. The truth is, these strolling round with simply one level increased are likely to go on to suffer 13 % fewer cardiovascular occasions like deadly coronary heart assaults.

As I present at 2:52 in my video, you possibly can get the identical impact from wild blueberries, although: a few one-and-a-half-point bump in artery perform two hours after blueberry consumption. This impact peaks then plateaus at about one and a half cups of blueberries, with two and a half cups and three and a half cups displaying no additional advantages.

What about cooked blueberries? As you possibly can see at 3:12 in my video, in the event you baked the blueberries right into a bun, like a blueberry muffin, you get the identical dramatic enchancment in artery perform.

Cocoa can do it, too. As proven at 3:30 in my video, after having one tablespoon of cocoa, you gain about one level, and two tablespoons offers you a whopping 4 factors or so, which is double what you get with açaí berries.

One and 1 / 4 cups’ value of multicolored grapes additionally give a pleasant increase in artery perform, however sufficient to counter an “acute endothelial insult,” a sudden assault on the susceptible internal layer of our arteries? Researchers gave contributors a “McDonald’s sausage egg breakfast sandwich and two hash browns.” They weren’t messing round! As you possibly can see at 3:56 in my video, with out the grapes, artery perform was cut practically in half inside an hour, and the arteries stayed stiffened and crippled three hours later. However after they ate that McMuffin with all these grapes, the dangerous impact was blunted.

Eat a meal with hamburger meat, and artery perform drops. However in the event you eat that very same meal with some spices, together with a teaspoon and a half of turmeric, artery perform truly improves.

What about orange juice? 4 cups a day of economic orange juice from focus for 4 weeks showed no change in artery perform. What about freshly squeezed orange juice? Nonetheless nothing. That’s one of many causes berries, not citrus, are the healthiest fruits.

For a beverage that may enhance your artery perform, strive inexperienced tea. Two cups of inexperienced tea gives you that very same impact we noticed with cocoa, gaining practically 4 factors inside simply half-hour. And, as you possibly can see at 5:05 in my video, that very same loopy impact can also be seen with black tea, with twice as highly effective an impact because the açaí berries.

So, why all of the focus on simply that one plant? Why açaí berries? Properly, the actual purpose could also be as a result of the creator owns a patent on an açaí-based dietary complement.

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