“Chilly showers have been documented to extend pure killer cells, which is a excessive marker of immune resilience in your physique,” Dunston says. Particularly, she’s referencing a 2014 examine that discovered a douse of cold water released epinephrine (aka, your adrenaline hormone), which then precipitated a rise in IL-10—an anti-inflammatory cytokine that regulates your physique’s response to an infection. Moreover, a randomized managed trial in 2016 discovered that members who took hot-to-cold showers lowered their sickness-related work absences by 29%

In fact, way more analysis is important earlier than we make a transparent connection. However chilly showers and their hyperlink to well being are nothing new: In the event you’re conversant in the “Iceman,” Wim Hof, maybe you understand his stance on an icy spray: He touts “chilly remedy” as useful for managing inflammation, improving sleep, easing pain, and alleviating anxiety and depression.

Purposeful drugs physician Frank Lipman, M.D., writer of The New Rules of Aging Well, can be on board, particularly for longevity causes. “These little brief bursts of stress stimulate longevity genes in your physique,” he shares on the mindbodygreen podcast. “Fasting is a method, however temperatures are one other manner—a sauna to a chilly plunge or a chilly bathe.”