Consuming kitchari two instances a day is really useful throughout a cleanse.

Ayurveda suggests consuming your largest meal round midday, when the solar is highest within the sky and your digestive fire (agni) is strongest. For those who rise up early within the morning, your breakfast will be your different meal, or if you happen to keep up at evening, you could possibly eat your different meal for dinner.

The serving dimension is as much as you, however ayurveda suggests consuming till your abdomen feels two-thirds of the way in which full, and you are feeling satiated however not bloated. Eat till you get the sensation, “I may nonetheless eat, however I need not.”

An important factor is to hearken to your physique, observe how you’re feeling, and act accordingly. Whereas on this cleanse, it is higher to eat solely when you’re really hungry, not when you’re pissed off or confused, as that is additionally a manner of healing your relationship with food.