It may be irritating guesswork making an attempt to resolve a pores and skin response and, even within the Pai workplace, we’ve been responsible of overlooking apparent irritants!

Within the midst of springtime, it’s simple guilty seasonal allergy symptoms, and hayfever was the primary suggestion when Sophie, Govt Assistant, and Meg, Social Media Supervisor, had been struggling mysteriously itchy pores and skin and eyes.

However when the signs disappeared over a protracted Financial institution Vacation weekend, we realised the issue was slightly nearer to our desks than we’d thought.

All it took to clear up the issue was a easy change of floor cleaner spray – however discovering the perpetrator of a response isn’t at all times so straight ahead.


Right here’s 5 pores and skin triggers you might not have thought-about:

  1. Nail polish
    A contemporary manicure will be considered one of life’s little pleasures – however for those who’re experiencing eczema or dermatitis across the eyes or mouth, it may be worth reconsidering your nail polish habit.

    With out even realising it, we’re continually touching our faces all through the day – bringing the irritating hardening resins in some polishes involved with the thinner pores and skin of our face and eyes!

  2. Family cleaners
    Some cleaners are clearly harsh (and carry the warning labels to show it!), however there are different seemingly innocuous culprits that may additionally upset our pores and skin.

    Floor cleaner and polish sprays can coat the arms and switch to the face, inflicting mysteriously itchy or irritated pores and skin and eyes prefer it did for Sophie and Meg.

    Strive switching to greener options which are clear about their components or make your individual – diluted white distilled vinegar works as a gentler substitute for floor cleaners.

  3. Dryer sheets and material softener

    We’ve mentioned washing powder as a skin irritant earlier than, however material softeners and dryer sheets also can trigger itchy, sore pores and skin.

    They usually comprise a cocktail of probably irritating components to maintain material fibres comfortable and static-free.

    In case you’re experiencing rashes predominantly in areas normally lined by garments, strive switching to an unscented, detergent-free formulation or think about whether or not you are able to do with out material softener altogether!

  4. Zinc
    Zinc PCA can be great news for your skin, notably when you have a blemish-prone and sensitive complexion.

    Nonetheless Zinc Oxide, an inorganic kind usually present in solar cream, nappy rash cream and mineral make-up, can depart pores and skin pink, irritated and itchy in these with allergy symptoms.

  5. Artificial materials
    Alongside feeling itchy and scorching on delicate pores and skin, artificial materials can comprise material components.Traces of formaldehyde resins (used to make materials wrinkle-resistant) and para-phenylenediamine (PPD – utilized in dyes) may cause allergic contact dermatitis.

    These components are extra widespread in man-made materials, however some wool and linens may additionally really feel tough and itchy towards delicate pores and skin.

    Cotton is extensively accepted as your best option for delicate pores and skin and it’s changing into more and more simple to search out natural cotton, too!