Ingesting water excessively can have a lot of negative effects, together with muscle cramping from electrolyte imbalance and a rise in urine frequency. In excessive circumstances, ingesting an excessive amount of water can result in fatal water intoxication, often known as water toxemia, water poisoning, or hyperhydration. 

“In overhydration an extra of water dilutes the electrolyte concentrations within the blood, inflicting imbalance all through the physique’s many programs,” doctor Catherine Waldrop, M.D., tells mbg. Electrolytes, like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium, are charged ions important for a lot of mobile processes. “When the focus of electrolytes within the blood is just too low, it makes almost all mobile processes much less environment friendly to almost unimaginable,” she says. 

The most typical electrolyte imbalance, which could be attributable to ingesting an excessive amount of water, is named hyponatremia (aka low sodium within the blood). “Gentle hyponatremia is characterised by gastrointestinal tract signs, nausea, vomiting, lack of urge for food,” one research says, whereas, extra critical circumstances lead to extra water and swelling within the mind, resulting in seizures, comas, or impaired psychological standing.

This seemingly loopy phenomenon is extra frequent for individuals going by intense coaching applications, together with triathlon or ultramarathon runners, members of the army, or skilled athletes. In accordance with the U.S. Nationwide Library of Medication, extreme thirst is also triggered by medicines like diuretics, or a symptom of excessive blood sugar.