Eczema may be an upsetting, painful and quite common pores and skin situation – it’s estimated that as much as 10% of kids will expertise it, however the majority of them (75%) “develop out of it” by their teenagers.

That stated, it’s not unique to childhood.

One in five women develop hand or face eczema on account of a response to a product or ingredient – and it’s most typical over the age of 30.

The phrase eczema originates from the Greek that means, “to boil over”. It’s an inflammatory situation of the pores and skin that presents itself in varieties that change in severity.

Signs of eczema embody purple, infected pores and skin that’s dry and tends to blister and weep.

Victims typically discover that their pores and skin turns into itchy and flaky as a result of it’s unable to retain a lot moisture.

The most typical areas affected are elbows, behind the knees, the fronts of the ankles and on the fingers, wrists, or neck.

Regardless of being a commonplace situation, there are numerous previous wives’ tales bandied round about eczema.

Right now I’m separating truth from fiction and exposing the most typical, or ridiculous, city myths I’ve come throughout – up to now!

1. Eczema is contagious.

Eczema isn’t contagious. You merely can’t ‘catch’ an autoimmune situation from one other particular person, not to mention give it to another person by touching her or him!

Nevertheless, eczema may be inherited. If in case you have a household historical past of allergic situations, like hay fever or bronchial asthma, it’s common to additionally endure from eczema.

2. Eczema is an indication of poor hygiene.

Private hygiene has nothing to do with eczema. The truth is usually fairly the alternative; many victims have a tendency to clean excessively and over-cleanse affected areas of their pores and skin, in an try to carry some aid from the itching or irritation.

Sadly, this response typically makes the situation worse, because the pores and skin’s treasured pure oils are stripped away, leaving it with even much less safety.

A combination of environmental, genetic and immunity components trigger eczema. Identified triggers embody stress, hormonal adjustments, publicity to irritants in sure soaps or detergents and carrying sure supplies near the pores and skin, comparable to wool or artificial material.

Should you’re affected by eczema and attempting to detect its trigger, this trigger chart could assist.

3. Eczema has nothing to do together with your food plan.

Unfaithful! Like many different pores and skin situations, eczema may be critically influenced by your food plan. As an autoimmune inflammatory situation, it’s regularly activated by explicit meals.

Dairy and refined sugar are quite common dietary triggers that that may trigger irritation within the physique and a subsequent eczema flare-up.

Avoiding extra meat and extremely acidic meals can also be beneficial – you may even see an enchancment in your situation.

Have you ever heard any mind-boggling eczema tales? Pop them into the feedback under; I’d love to listen to a few of the extra bizarre myths on the market!