In addition to the lovely beginnings of spring, another reason I look forward to March is National Nutrition Month! The theme this year, “Personalize Your Plate,” resonated with my personal nutrition philosophy, and I was curious to find out what other dietitians thought.

All month long, mindbodygreen has highlighted the importance of a personalized nutrition approach and celebrated dietitians across a range of specialties.

Fun fact: There are over 100,000 registered dietitian members in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics alone. Dietitians’ niche areas of expertise span diverse jobs in hospitals, schools, community programs, universities, private practice, industry, and beyond. A proud R.D. myself, I found it wonderful to connect with dietitians from around the country to hear what personalized nutrition practically means to them and the clients they serve.

From the specific dietary pattern they follow (or don’t) to their favorite meals and must-have “MVP” ingredients, these dietitians were eager to dish.

Check out some of our favorite pieces of advice they shared, and read on for more of their fresh nutrition insights: