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URGENT: You Must Know This About Blood Pressure Medications!

junio 8, 2018

[VidSitePro id=32 ]Blood pressure medications are hardly saying no no but I mean very very aiming the same as cholesterol medications another popularly those prescribed no essential the main benefits of modern medicine and Kolani life has been antibiotics vaccines even though they’re overused are treating high blood pressure and toilets we’re not going to go poop on the street anymore those are the main benefits and some surgeries for acute life-threatening things like appendicitis those are the main benefits through rest of them a lot of it did more harm than good treating high blood pressure blood pressure medicines is a critical life-saving thing having said that it would be good to treat the natural things salt does not cause high blood pressure in fact if you decrease salt to the government recommended guidelines the main benefit is that you die much younger and our Social Security system thinks here but it’s not high salt Melissa doing massive amounts of salt if you go from the amount that the government recommends you can go really low you’ll drop the blood pressure eight tenths of a point and blacks is two to three points a minimal amount and then along the level of most people have say two to five grams you see no change in blood pressure and then a super high levels you see it going up so having a moderation but salt restriction no increase in potassium now that’s the key to lowering blood pressure so eat a banana a day eight ounces of coconut water half an avocado 8 ounces tomato juice all of these will give about five to six hundred milligrams of potassium increase your magnesium 200 milligrams a day is a good way to do that get vitamin V sunshine or vitamin D supplement two thousand one thousand two thousand units a day all of these will help lower blood pressure as well treat sleep apnea if it’s present however if you don’t take your medications near high blood pressure you’re a fool controlled first with the medications do the natural things when it’s under control for three months then ask your doctor if you can lower the medications and come off them you

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