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Blood Pressure

Top 10 Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure

junio 5, 2018

[VidSitePro id=16 ]What’s going on everybody this sanitary 103 thank you for watching another video so this installment I’m going to go over the top 10 ways to reduce your blood pressure now before I go over this list I wanted to briefly talk about high blood pressure now having high blood pressure is often labeled a silent killer and the reason for that is that there are no really clear-cut signs or symptoms of having high blood pressure and if you don’t monitor your blood pressure closely it can lead to catastrophic things such as brain damage heart damage kidney damage or even stroke so because of this you definitely want to keep an eye out on your blood pressure now I’m sure each and every one of you has gotten your blood pressure taken at one time or another if you went to a doctor’s office and there’s basically a top number and a bottom number now I will put a chart at the top of this video to show you what is considered you know good blood pressure so you can have an idea of what is considered a healthy blood pressure but basically the top number is called the systolic number and the systolic number represents the amount of pressure that the blood is pushing up against your arteries in your vessels while your heart is beating so to put this in laymen terms just remember that the top number represents the amount of pressure when the heart is beating and the bottom number which is the diastolic number that represents the amount of pressure similar to the systolic number but when the heart is at rest so the top number pressure when the heart is beating and the bottom number the pressure when the heart is at rest now what exactly does this mean so according to the chart that you see right now for the top number you want to be pretty much anywhere between 110 and 120 and the bottom number you want to be between 70 and 80 now these standards are for people that are 18 years or older if you are under 18 be sure to you know go online and you can find out the number accordingly but for most adults you want to be 120 over 80 or 110 over 70 now that you got a brief introduction to blood pressure let’s go over this top 10 list now the first thing that you can do to reduce your blood pressure is to exercise regularly even if you work out like three or four times a week between 30 minutes to an hour it’s been proven that if you do this you can lower your blood pressure by between you know four to nine and millimeters of mercury the second tip is to have a healthy diet it’s been proven that if you eat a diet that has you know fruits and vegetables you know whole grains and you eat as wholesome as possible it can reduce your blood pressure by up to 14 millimeters of mercury so definitely try to eat healthy the third tip is to reduce your sodium / salt intake now if you’re under fifty years old you probably don’t want to exceed around 2300 milligrams of sodium per day you also want to try to stay away from processed food a lot of TV dinners the cup of noodles potato chips basically anything processed typically has a lot of salt that’s going to elevate your blood pressure the other thing that I recommend is try not to add too much salt to your food now this kind of sucks I understand especially when food tastes bland but there are a lot of other healthy alternatives you can use a lot of different spices you know cayenne pepper paprika Old Bay seasoning there’s a lot of different seasonings so go to your local grocery store and look for a lot of different seasonings and mrs. – and make sure you read the label and a lot of them have hardly any sodium any salt content and they still make food taste really good so definitely try to minimize the salt and sodium intake the fourth tip is to cut down on the alcohol now I’m sure a lot of you guys and gals do you like to booze up every once in a while is okay and it’s been that if you have like one or two small drinks it’s actually good for your heart but anything that you go overboard in it can be pretty bad and alcohol is no exception so if you’ve got a drink alcohol limited to one or two drinks that’s good for your heart like I mentioned but try to you know minimize the binge drinking because that can definitely increase your blood pressure and that’s something you don’t want the fifth tip is to avoid smoking and/or all tobacco products this is pretty self-explanatory you’ve all seen the anti-smoking campaigns on TV I’m not going to get too much into it but blood pressure is no exception if you smoke too much it increases your blood pressure has been proven that even if you have a last smoke use it within an hour after your blood pressure is still elevated so cut out for smoking completely I’m having one here and there socially I guess isn’t a bad thing but if you’re the type of person who has relapse from smoking you want to stay away from it completely tip number six but cut down on the caffeine caffeine has been proven to create a immediate spike in your blood pressure upon drinking it although it’s been said that usually within an hour it kind of tapers down so the best way to see if caffeine is definitely affecting your blood pressure is to take your blood pressure before you have a caffeinated drink then have a caffeinated drink and then like an hour after see how much it elevated if it elevates quite a bit then it’s possible your caffeine sensitive and you probably should try to at least cut down on the soda and the coffee tip number seven is to reduce your stress this is something that I have to deal with from time to time which sure everybody has a bad day but it definitely tried to you know not take things too seriously take a deep breath take five minutes take a break do some meditation do some yoga try to definitely lower your stress levels because if you don’t that’s going to lead to high blood pressure tip number eight is to get some support from friends and family like a lot of things that you got to deal with by having a strong network of friends and family you can be held accountable you can have a reason to monitor your blood pressure and by doing that hopefully you can keep it lowered tip number nine is to regulate your blood pressure at home or at the doctor’s office regularly this will not directly reduce your blood pressure but once again like having a good network of friends by closely monitoring it and being on top of things you’ll have a better idea of where your blood pressure is and you can implement a lot of the tips that I mentioned before to keep the blood pressure down and make those adjustments last but not least is tip number 10 and that is to go on medication now going on medication to me is kind of a last resort however if tips 1 through 9 are not working effectively then you might have to go on medication this is something not to be taken lightly now if your readings are consistently higher than what they need to be there in the 140 over 90 the 150 160 you name it the higher the worse it is then that might be out of your hands and you need to go on medication this isn’t to say that when you are on medication that you should ignore all the other tips that I mentioned you should definitely implement those tips along with the medication hopefully by doing this you can wean off the medication and naturally get your blood pressure back to normal thanks once again for watching another video and just remember that blood pressure is not to be taken lightly there are no signs there are no symptoms so you want to definitely monitor it the comments and the questions are always welcome and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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