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The Crazy Side Effects of Thiazide (High Blood Pressure Medication)

junio 8, 2018

[VidSitePro id=35 ]Hey guys in this video I wanted to talk about the side effects of size ID at high blood pressure medication also known as hypochlorite side which is a diuretic for a high blood pressure and edema it pulls water out of your body okay but it comes with a package it also pulls your electrolytes specifically potassium magnesium and other electrolytes okay so here the side effects hypokalemia now what does that mean that’s low potassium in the blood now just think about it potassium is needed in large quantities in the diet most people don’t even get a trace of what they really need and the side effects of low potassium are palpitations arrhythmias muscle weakness cramps so rib nians okay and the big side effect from hypokalemia is high blood pressure I’m going to put a link down below you have to check this out so here we are taking this medication to get rid of high blood pressure but it’s causing high blood pressure potassium relaxes the blood vessels it called it counteracts the retention of sodium the other side effect is hyperglycemia you know that is that’s diabetes that’s a side effect hyperlipidemia that’s high cholesterol here’s another one high uric acid that’s gout high calcium low sodium is called hyponatremia when you’re drinking a lot of water sometimes you can develop hyponatremia as well where you’re actually getting rid of all the sodium and you get muscle cramps and leg weakness your body needs about a thousand milligrams of sodium every single day so if you’re pulling out too much sodium that can be damaging to the heart as well low magnesium we need electrolytes to be healthy so a lot of electrolytes will make you tired weak muscle cramps high blood glucose irregular heartbeat and even high blood pressure so I put a link down below to show you the potential cause of high blood pressure thanks for watching hey you probably already subscribed but if you haven’t press this little button down below and I will keep you updated

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