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Review of Lisinopril High Blood Pressure Medicine (Is it safe Prinivil Tensopril Zestril hipril CHF)

junio 8, 2018

[VidSitePro id=34 ]Hey this is a review of the medication called listen nope real it was created by Merck and it is an ACE inhibitor and it’s used for hypertension congestive heart failure heart attacks it’s a pretty powerful medication I’ll go ahead and do a review of it here I’ll go ahead and check my blood pressure here it’s before taking lesson Aprill I recently went to the cardiologist and I was having issues with the d mia of my legs lower extremities was getting very swelled especially when I ate salt and and I was having shortness of breath and waking up at midnight shortness of breath and I was pretty concerned about it and went to the cardiologist they did a stress test they did in the case it’s called an echo gram or echo cardiogram forgot to exact name of it which checks the dilation of your left and right heart vent ventricle and your aorta and all that stuff blockages and my heart was pretty good for the most part but they discovered I had a bicuspid aortic valve which means that you have most a orch valves have three leaflets that open up to let blood and go in and out of the heart not only has two it’s congenital something you’re born with I don’t think it’s that serious but they put me on this blood and medication called lesson Aprill and let’s go ahead and check go ahead and check the blood pressure right now this blood pressure you can get it at Walmart’s called Omran this one dr. oz recommends and it’s pretty accurate it’s got two sensors on it which helps for accuracy my blood pressure was like 190 over 95 at the cardiologist when I last went went there and it’s all it’s been high the last five or six years I should have gotten it treated earlier I’m also on lasix for for the edema and that’s actually for blood pressure too okay so 123 / 69 that’s actually not bad I’ve only been taking it for two or three days that’s actually pretty normal let me go ahead and take one and then we’ll I got the ten milligrams I think they have them in 20 milligram dosage kids pretty high and then I think they have like five milligrams so pretty much that’s what looks like ten milligram go ahead and take that some water all right so we’ll check back here in a couple hours to three hours want to watch the watch the NBA playoffs Cleveland against the Warriors and let’s see how this blood blood medication heart medication works all right be right back okay I’m back it’s been been a few hours since have a blood pressure tested before taken the listen no prills ten milligrams so let’s go ahead and check it now just got half time now the basketball game between Cleveland and Golden State and I think it’s like it’s tied up pretty good series I was actually rooting for San Antonio Spurs and like Tim Duncan and those guys but they were needed in the first round okay 120 over 70 that’s normal let’s go ahead and test it again actually checked it before filming and it was actually one of six over 70 but overall it’s pretty impressive because I was averaging four to three years I was averaging one 150-160 over 90 and you know I was naive I was reading on line basically stating that you know fear of a way it’s okay to have high blood pressure that’s normal you know if you’re if you have a high bluff if you know if you have blood pressure 170 over 90 it’s okay you know because if you’re overweight it’s okay which I am overweight but it’s not okay you know everything I’ve researched further it’s like you know you’re just asking for it to have blood pressure see they’re 114 over 73 and that’s from I’ve been on I’ve been on this medication now for I think it’s this is my fourth day and like I said at the doctor’s office it was you know doctor’s office it was like 190 over 90 which I was nervous but still she never ever get that high and I went way too long having it that high and and like I said on average though it’s like around 150 160 over over 90 and so literally the first day that I took it the next day he was like 106 over 75,000 was like is this too low but you know a lot of people talk about you know especially in the alternative medicine talk about how high blood pressure medicine is bad for you and you’re doing more damage than good and etc etc but listen having high blood pressure it’s the worst thing you can do for your your body in your heart it’s bad for your kidneys it’s bad for your liver it’s bad for everything and you know your your heart is a pump and pumps wear out and if you play around with it too long you’re a danger there’s nothing wrong with with medicating yourself and tour until you can get control over your life or your eating and if you’re ever wait and some people have high blood pressure they’re not over way they’re stressed out you know for they’re eating fatty foods or it could be just genetic soon as you get older your body wears out and and you know there’s nothing wrong with being on high blood pressure medicine and I was told by my cardiologist that you know a lot of people think hey once you get on it you can’t get off he says that’s not true he says you know if you if you get in shape and you know you eat healthy or whatever he says you can’t get off of it but with me you know I have to be extra careful because of this bicuspid aortic valve so for it’s not to wear out so anyways you know that is that is my review of the Lennis apparel and it actually did pretty good alright thanks for watching

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