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High BLOOD Pressure Cure (100%) | Permanently Cure High Blood Pressure

junio 5, 2018

[VidSitePro id=15 ]Hi my friend welcome back to my channel this is will freeze and I hope you all are doing good so today I am here with another video on how to cure and get rid of high blood pressure so I’m gonna share very simple tips and very simple helpful and useful information which all of you which can actually help you in reducing or lowering down your high blood pressure and you can actually permanently get rid of high blood pressure so I have seen these days lots of people are suffering from this event and every second person is suffering from this and I have seen what is good for them because I have applied this on my mother and my family members who are suffering from high blood pressure so let’s go and I’m going to share with all of you what you need to do to get rid of this disease completely I will not call it the pivot is an ailment so you need to get rid of this so in order to you know permanently cure – pressure first of all you need to lose weight so this is the number one thing you need to do I can see lots of people who are suffering from high blood pressures have or you know a huge belly and a lots of you know pounds they are carrying around their waistline which is actually a cause of high blood pressure so in order to lose of lowering down your blood pressure you need to lose some weight because the if you are if you are telling that much big you are actually putting pressure on all of your organs in your heart and that that actually increasing your collagen level um it can give you a lots of hormonal issue as well so if you are a man that you should not have a waistline more than forty inches and if you are a female then you should be below 35 inches so that is men degree in order to stay healthy and in order to stay fit and second thing is that you need to be physically active or you should be like doing some form of occupies in your day-to-day life because I see people are fitting these days a lot and then is actually creating a lots of you know problems in their in their life because we have we know lots of machines are you know at our home who are doing work for us and we are doing nothing with a keep on sitting in front of computer laptop or mobile and that actually is killing us in any form because it’s giving us lots of trouble in our ailment in one way or the other so in order to stay fit and healthy you have to stay active so what you can do like you can do a little bit of walking or Tran I am on a little bit of jogging I won’t say that you start lifting weight immediately but whatever you want to do you have to do on a low page for a bit go for the high wave exercises because I paid exercises is going to increase your blood pressure instead of decreasing it so start doing some Cap’n Vegeta on a more busted acronym whatever you feel comfortable in start with some slow walking that is required in your you know very lifestyle so just change that whatever you are doing right now start including some healthy things in your life third thing is that you should have some healthy food or healthy lifestyle or healthy diet in your luck in your life by eating junk food samosa kachori or these kind of Indian junk food I am I seriously wonder how can people eat these kind of junk foods on regular basis because these things are not good for health at all you should include some you know fresh vegetable foods in your day-to-day life and that is very much required to get rid of high blood pressure for things that are you need to have lots of water in your in your you know daily life you should actually bring three to four liters of water I have seen people who are drinking lots of water but not a you know dehydrated they are actually a you know are able to reduce their or you know lowering down they can actually lower down your high blood pressure but are consuming lots of water and the kindly reduce the intake of sodium in your daily life because increase salt or sodium is actually putting you on high blood pressure so stop or limit intake of salt in your daily life and what else I would like to say I think I have suffered all the things and if you are alcoholic then limit your power level because and colds and colic people are actually suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension kind of or stop doing these kind of things because they are actually putting you whipping you on wigs as well as increasing your cholesterol level and giving you elements like high blood pressure so I am hope are this will actually help you if you follow these kind of things so start doing and just reconsider what I have said to you and start make it a habit to make it a life type because healthy living is a lifestyle change all together you have to get rid of your bad habits in order to stay fit and healthy so if you have any question regarding this anything you want to us just set me down in the below in the comment section I will surely reply you guys back and that’s all for today so stay tuned with me for more informative videos and if you like this video please hit like and subscribe my channel for more videos so thank you and have a good day bye bye [Music]

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