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Blood Pressure

Don’t Understand Blood Pressure? You Will After This!

junio 5, 2018

[VidSitePro id=7 ]So dr. Bob so many people have problems with blood pressure a lot of people are on medication for it to bring it down because it’s too high is there a problem on the other end too or some people have it too low well you know there’s a variety of blood pressure issues that we see today but very few people talk about low blood pressure because they go to the healthcare provider and they’ll just say you know what your blood pressure low that’s good well we typically see that in females and their bodies are exhausted so there’s a term that we use called adrenal fatigue so ladies that are watching this right now and when ladies come into our practice and if they’re wearing sunglasses or if they have sunglasses in their purse but they have sunglasses on the top of their head I know that bright light bothers their eyes that’s a very common body signal for individual that has what we call adrenal fatigue and their blood pressure typically is let’s say a hundred over 60 where a normal blood pressure should be 120 over 80 so I’m going to take a moment and explain what blood pressure is when your heart has to beat the blood through the whole body that ventricle movement in the resistance so we call this systolic number normal it should be 120 as the blood flows back to the heart and it goes into the heart wall that’s the diastolic pressure that normally should be 80 so if the higher number or the systolic number is way high with so much pressure you could have a stroke on the other hand of the blood pressure is coming back in your body really hard and fast over time that can cause congestive heart failure so what we see with these individuals that have what we call adrenal fatigue your adrenal glands when they constrict or when they release their hormones blood vessels constrict but when the Drina glands are exhausted those blood vessels kannst constrict so the blood vessels are wide that’s why when a woman would sit from go from a sit to a stand position she feels light-headed or dizzy we promote B vitamins for that your adrenal glands need that your adrenal glands also need vitamin C we encourage red yellow orange bell pepper we also encourage a whole salt we don’t talk about refined salts you want to use a Celtic sea salt or Himalayan insult you don’t want a process salt you want to complex all this calcium magnesium and potassium in it not just sodium most individuals that come into our practice that have low blood pressure are females b-vitamins red yellow orange bell peppers they meet they may need some glandular adrenal and they could use something called pantothenic acid it’s b5 but typically they need vitamin b1 or thiamine but on the whole other extreme we have high blood pressure you know Scott it’s really quite frightening with high blood pressure I’m just going to throw a nugget out to you a lot of people today have been programmed that there they like renamed drugs so a diuretic they’ll call it a water pill well a common one is called hydrochlorothiazide hydrochlorothiazide eliminates minerals out of your body so supposedly that in the water will leave your body and you don’t have as much water for your heart to pump against but what I have had happen is that there’s tendons in your hand and if you don’t have enough minerals over time there’s a condition called doopy Trin’s contracture where your hands actually start to narrow up and I’m seeing more of this in our practice down because of hydrochlorothiazide so what we have learned one of the leading causes of high blood pressure in our practice is lack of magnesium and I’m seeing it’s just so interesting ladies that are 50 years old and older typically are the ones that have been healthy so you say I thought you thought they had low blood pressure no you have a layer that have low blood pressure but ladies that our fifth year and above have been like the administrator of the family worked hard their whole life I had 14 plates up in the air and they come in one day and their heart is going pop a bubble their heart’s racing and they have anxiety they have constipation they’re just having some challenges they’ve never had before it’s a lack of magnesium because we use magnesium and we’ve these ladies are just so happy because they have a magnesium deficiency probably one of the leading causes of magnesium deficiency is sugar but naturally because I am quote-unquote the doctor this is the new beef this is kale and kills an excellent source of protein calcium but anything green this is the key factor anything green has magnesium in it people much I hate kale Oh unless you’ve ever tried this one here’s something really simple with the kill you cut that Center vein out and you cut it up you cut it up into pieces you’re having some olive oil over here worming cut up some onions and mushrooms and they’re sauteing and are getting kind of warm and then you take this cut up kale and you can put it in there for about a minute or two you can have kale straight that away what what you can really use kale for is everything you can put in your chicken soup you can literally put kale because it’s pretty tasteless in anything I put it in my salad just snip it a piece in great source of magnesium how do you know if your magnesium deficient or not first you can have high blood pressure but magnesium allows your bowels to function optimally if you don’t have enough magnesium you may have an issue with constipation so if you’re constipated and you have anxiety and your blood pressure’s up instead of running off to your healthcare provider and nothing against you doing that you want to have your blood pressure taken this is a traditional blood pressure machine you want to be at least 120 over 80 if it’s a hundred over 60 your blood pressure is kind of low and I’ve read different statistics now they say take your age you add that to the hundred so let’s say you’re six years old you could they say comfortably 160 over 80 now the medical community they want you on medication today I’ve had individuals that are heavy they don’t have high blood pressure I’ve had people who are stressed that have had high blood pressure drink water Celtic sea salt oral complex salt is important that’s really significant if you have stress make sure you have enough minerals make sure you’re eating your green food that all helps blood pressure because your blood pressure’s high long enough over time you can have heart distress you

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